National Payroll Week 2018 – Visiting the House of Parliament

We are now a week on from National Payroll Week 2018 and we had a great time helping to raise the profile of payroll in the UK. The highlights were a visit to the House of Parliament for the launch event with CIPP. Wandering through the history of our country and seeing both how much and how little has changed in this seat of power that makes all of the laws that we are governed by. Much of the building is covered in scaffolding both inside and out but this does not take away from it’s greatness.

The event was added to by the fact that there is currently an exhibition on Women’s Place in Parliament detailing the history of Women getting the vote. It was interesting to wonder around this exhibition as both a women, voter and payroller. I was surprised to see quotes on display that related to what we do in payroll.

Voice & Vote Exhibition Hose of Parliament
Voice & Vote Exhibition House of Parliament
Voice & Vote – Equal Pay 1970
Taxation without representation – Voice & Vote 1913

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