Most Optimistic Self Assessment Expense Claims

In advance of next weeks 31st January the HMRC has released a list of the latest extravagant items which have been claimed as expenses on self assessment tax returns. These examples are all from the 2014-15 returns, we will have to see if those of the 2015-16 tax year can compete.

1. Holiday flights to the Caribbean
2. Luxury watches as Christmas gifts for staff – from a company with no employees
3. International flights for dental treatment ahead of business meetings
4. Pet food for a Shih Tzu ‘guard dog’
5. Armani jeans as protective clothing for a painter and decorator
6. Cost of regular Friday night ‘bonding sessions’ – running into thousands of pounds
7. Underwear – for personal use
8. A garden shed for private use – plus the cost of the space it takes up in the garden
9. Betting slips
10. Caravan rental for the Easter weekend

Needless to say none of these ‘expenses’ were allowable.

The Self Assessment tax return deadline is in just 7 days, there are penalties for not submitting your tax return on time even if there is no tax due.

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