Employing staff for the first time

It is very exciting to employ your first member of staff, and in addition to the equipment needed there are a few legal requirements that need to be met when employing staff for the first time.

  • Decided how much to pay them, this must be at least the national minimum wage or the national living wage if over 25.
  • Do they have the right to work in the UK?
  • Do they need a DBS check?
  • Get employment insurance as you need to have employers’ liability insurance.
  • Provide your new employee with details of the job in writing, this is required for any individual you employ for more than 1 months.
  • Register with HMRC as a new employer, this can be done up to 4 weeks before you pay your new staff.
  • From October 2017 all new employers will need to enrol their staff into a workplace pension.

Should you need any support with becoming an employer please give us a call as we can help with all of the processes from start to finish.

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