Choosing a Pension Provider

We are not the experts

Here at Wallis Payroll we don’t pretend to be the experts when it comes to selecting the best pension provider for your business and your work force.  BUT we have selected a partner to help you make the right choice, we are also happy to share this partner with you so that if you wanted you could independently find the best pension without involving us.

How to pick a Pension Provider

The company we recommend to our customers and other employers is Pension PlayPen, you can complete your employee portfolio on their application and based on the needs of your business it will suggest the most appropriate pension provider on the market for your business.

Even better by using this service you get an actuarial certificate, so if in years to come your employees come to you and ask why you have selected one provider over another you have an audit trail as to why they were the most appropriate option.

As a customer of Wallis Payroll we can complete all of the relevant information in the Pension PlayPen for you allowing you to select your provider or you can do this yourself, we don’t mind, our aim is that you pick the best pension for your employees.

Why use Pension PlayPen?

As Pension PlayPen know their system the best we thought we would leave this bit to them.

Find out more about how we can help you use Pension PlayPen (if you need help).
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