Accountant Partnership

Out-sourced payroll services

We work in partnership with Accountants and Book Keepers.  We offer our payroll services to their clients.  This might include –

  • PAYE payroll
  • CIS payroll
  • Auto Enrolment assessment.

Accountants and Book Keepers choose to refer us for a number of different reasons.  This could be

  • lack of in-house knowledge of payroll and Auto Enrolment
  • perhaps payroll is insufficiently profitable for them
  • it could be an issue of balancing the needs/timing of payroll with the other needs of the business.

We also process the payrolls for clients who have payroll software as part of their accounts package (such as Xero).  But perhaps a lack of confidence or tie makes them uneasy about processing their payroll themselves.

We have two distinct approaches to working with accountants, book keepers and their clients –

  1. We have a contract with the accountant but deal day-to-day directly with the client.  Then, each month we bill the accountant for any slips produced, leaving them to pass on the cost.
  2. We contract directly with the client to provide payroll/P11D services.

And the benefits of out-sourced payroll services?

As the client’s accountant or book keeper, you’ll be confident that all elements are reported to HMRC correctly and on time.  Your clients will relax in the knowledge that each month they’re paying their employees correctly and that they’re compliant.

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